Integrative Medicine- Nuts and Bolts of How to Practice Seminar

OHB offers a 9 hour live instruction course for providers wishing to get a quick start into integrative/functional medicine. Great for physicians, mid-level providers, pharmacists and nurses. Participants will walk away with the tools they need to start practicing the next day.

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Balance in Females
  • Male Hormone Balance and Andropause
  • Thyroid
  • Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency
  • Low Dose Naltrexone
  • Ethical Supplements
  • Introduction to Stem Cell Therapy

Where applicable, each section includes:

  • Principles behind Integrative/Functional Medicine treatments
  • Symptomology interpretation and assessment
  • Recommended lab panels and lab interpretation
  • How to treat - Treatment protocols and dosage guidelines
  • Dosage forms and routes of administration
  • Case Studies
  • Evidence Based Studies
  • Supplements to enhance treatment protocols
  • Printed course materials (slides) for reference

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  Our Instructors

Jim Hrncir, R.Ph.

Jim Hrncir RPh founded and operates Las Colinas Pharmacy, Compounding & Wellness (est 1984). He is responsible for the development of a variety of dermatological and bio-identical hormonal innovations. Jim was named the 2017 Compounding Pharmacist of the Year by Professional Compounding Centers of America and serves on the board of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists. Jim has worked in radio and TV, including with Dr. Phil McGraw and wife Robin---- on the show as a hormone expert, contributor to Robin’s books and in the development of Robin’s advanced anti-aging skin care line, Revelations, released in November 2016. The OHB Integrative Medicine Patient Care platform was developed by Jim’s team as a software solution for medical providers and consulting pharmacists. The portal’s many functionalities improve efficiencies in integrative patient assessment and treatment. In addition, Jim enjoys giving lectures for medical providers, pharmacists and patients. His training courses (9 hrs or 12 contact hrs) for providers, entitled “Integrative Medicine- Nuts and Bolts of How to Practice” has been presented across the country. The training syllabus includes Bio-Identical Hormone Balance for Females and Males, Thyroid Balance, Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, Low Dose Naltrexone, Principles of Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine, and Ethical Supplements.

Dr. Doohi Lee, MD.

As Medical Director of Advanced Surgical Arts, Dr. Lee applies the principals of Regenerative and Integrative Medicine as the foundation to enhance patient treatments and clinical outcomes in Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetics Medicine and Laser Medicine and Surgery. In the area of Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Lee has developed The Diamond Matrix® which is a comprehensive 3-D structure of applying all the basis of Integrative Medicine toward creating and maintaining a healthy human being. The Diamond Matrix® incorporate the principals and concepts of Nutrition, Life-style, Brain Health, Regenerative Medicine, Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine, Emotional and Spiritual Health and Sexual Health in a multi-factorial structure to optimize health. In other areas, Dr. Lee is an active practitioner of all aspects of Cosmetic and Surgical Laser applications. These include Light-based therapies, ablative and non-ablative facial procedures, body contouring, acne and scar treatments, tattoo removal as well as laser lipolysis and Endo-Venous Laser Ablations (EVLA) of incompetent veins. He has served as Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for various companies such as Lumenis, Sciton and Fotona, presenting lectures and live courses for Cosmetic Laser application. In the area of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Lee is dedicated to practice and teach the “untouched” appearances from his aesthetic procedures and treatments. Versed in art and sculpture, Dr. Lee strives to realize the natural look that enhances a patient’s individual beauty rather than anything that distorts or over-emphasizes the facial features. He has served as a National Trainer for Suneva as well as in numerous seminars and training courses in non-surgical aesthetic medicine. His training and teaching reach a wide area, from basic Neuro-modulator techniques and all types of fillers to the use of biologics including Platelet rich plasma (PRP) and Stem Cells for aesthetic purposes. Dr. Lee holds Certifications from the American Board of Laser Medicine and Surgery, American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine and American Board of Vein and Lymphatic Diseases. He also has Fellowships in Cosmetic Surgery (American Society of Cosmeto-Gynecology), Regenerative Medicine (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) and Stem Cell Medicine (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) and the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery.

  Case Studies

  Resource Library


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Anti-Aging Medicine is a personalized treatment model that inspires a partnership between patient and practitioner. The World Congress will offer unique clinical approaches that promote disease prevention and lifestyle management and will provide access to unparalleled content, ground-breaking research, knowledgeable speakers, and valuable resources that enable today’s health practitioners for sustained success and growth.