• I used to spend much of my time collecting information in patient interviews. With the OHB Portal, I am now able to focus more on educating my patients and managing their expectations. As a result, I have noticed a significant increase in patient compliance and satisfaction.
    - Dave Bonfessuto, RPh, DC, NP-C

  • Before I started using OHB, I had patient notes in multiple places in the pharmacy – our computer system, patient charts, sticky notes on two different desks, and some forever lost in my memory.  Now when a patient calls, the info goes directly into the notes section of OHB where my RN or I can access it at any time.  Maybe the O in “OHB” should stand for organized.
    -Randy Robin, RPh

  • I have worked with Jim Hrncir of OHB for more than 10 years. Jim is a true visionary and leader in bioidentical hormones. I was very excited when I heard about the opportunity to incorporate the OHB software into my practice. Not only is it a very effective electronic record keeper, it is a wealth of important hormone information delivered in a highly practical way. The ability to individualize and ask specific questions makes it something very special.
    -Dr. Craig Hobar, MD


Electronic Integrative Medicine Questionnaires

Patients can complete electronically assigned questionnaires from any device with an internet connection and the provider receives the questionnaire immediately upon completion.




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