What is Bio-Identical

Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Practitioners of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) prescribe hormones that are structurally and molecularly identical to those naturally found in the human body.  


Experts believe maintaining the balanced actions of Bio-Identical hormones and thyroid are crucial to optimal wellness and quality of life in both men and women.  These healthcare providers employ patient-specific protocols to evaluate, treat and maintain optimal hormonal levels for the most beneficial outcomes.  Typically including:

  • Patient medical history 

  • Personal and familial risk factors 

  • Social behavior

  • Current medications and supplements

  • Evaluation of symptoms including those specific to individual hormones, thyroid, insulin/glucose balance, adrenal function, gut function, neurotransmitters

A clinical picture is formed; then the practitioner validates his clinical suspicions with lab testing.


Finally, with all this information compiled, necessary bio-identical hormones, thyroid, and ethical supplements are prescribed to correct deficiencies/excesses, and balance is restored.  Periodic monitoring and adjustments by a qualified BHRT practitioner are required to maintain hormone and thyroid balance.  

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